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Monday, April 22nd 2024

Mississauga, Ontario

The sun was upon us, however, Nityananda and I, were shielded by the roof of his automobile. At 7:45 AM, we arrived at Glenforest secondary school for a religious symposium. At the main office, I met Dr Christine Bellini whom I’ve known for 38 years when she was a curious student of religion. Well, this gracious lady who heals from Timmins, Ontario, climbed up to an honourable educator status. She’s looking for retirement next year. The school is 75% Muslim. We were also informed that one of the panellists attending the symposium was a Lesbian minister of a church, and therefore, the Islamic students won’t attend. 

Who were the panellist beside myself up on the auditorium’s stage? 

Without the names, the four other faith leaders represented the Unitarian Church, Orthodox Catholic, Hinduism and Islam. We were each given 15 minutes to speak about our journeys. Christine had asked me to highlight spirituality in the form of pilgrimage travel. The students were great, quiet and even surprised Christine with their good attention span. Excellent questions came from their exploratory minds.

Well done, everyone.

The sun remained strong over a cool earth’s surface on this Earth day. Once we returned back to Toronto, I took advantage and walked my obliged steps for the day. Thank you, Bhumi, Earth! I hope you liked the massage I gave you with my feet.

5 km

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