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Thursday, May 2nd 2024

Little Portugal, Toronto

In order to establish a more diverse group among the newcomers, the Bhakti Academy, arranged for its first presentation at the Downward Dog Yoga studio in Ossington. It began with a welcome by our super mrdunga drummer, Ananda, then followed by a pranayama breathing technique conducted by Melissa, then Devanshi’s chanting. The final last half hour was my time on yoga dance, and chant.

My steps are simple, very simple, and most of the participants were fine with following. For a few, it will take a bit more to stay in step. That's okay! It's all in the effort. That's what counts! That's what Bhakti yoga is all about. The love applied is the prime consideration. 

Our session at the Downward Dog was a mere one hour, but powerful one nonetheless. Ananda asked the recipients whether the session was uplifting. And there was a consensus that it was good. We worked up a sweat and an appetite. Yummy prasadam! 

The menu, also very simple, was just divine. 

My phone told me that it was a 6 km walk back to 243 Avenue Rd. residence and ISKCON temple. From Little Portugal and floated through Little Italy, U of Toronto, Yorkville. I certainly went through another session of pranayama, breathing more naturally with the step of my feet. 

The lively night pedestrians were smiling, a reciprocation to my acknowledging them. There was, however, a fellow on College St. who seemed to direct his message to me but while on his phone. “Just go and F - yourself.” (Not very yogic.) His eyes were at mine. Either it was to me, his caller. The message usually bounces back by the way of karma. I felt bad for him.

8 km

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