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With the Free Masons

Sunday, April 28th 2024

North York, Ontario

The location was rustic Black Creek Pioneer Village and the Free Masons of districts Toronto, hosted an interfaith service with hymns and messages on the theme of "brotherhood." One of the organizers referring to the written program mentioned to me that I didn't have a message on the sheet to represent my faith, so kindly, he recommended I wing it.

From the conference room we marched, three abreast, to the antique Presbyterian Church (1856), timber framed, wood sheathed with batten finish. To and from the church I had the pleasure to be in the front row. Many of the speakers of different faiths were initiated Free Masons with their regalia on. We were led by a bag piper, glorious in sound. Speakers spoke inside. Now it was my turn to say something on behalf of bhakti within the Hindu tradition.

I addressed the attendees all snugly packed in the quaint church. "Namaste! Hare Krishna!" I explained the meaning of my name and how it translates as "the meditative walking monk". "I took time off to walk this country and others to see things up close and to meet brethren from all walks of life, including animals and plants as they have a soul too." Within those 5 minutes of speech I referred to the words Karma (action), and seva (service) and doing so together.

One of the Free Masons, Steve, received from one of us (maybe me) a book on Krishna Consciousness. He pegged it down to 1974 on Yonge St. I was really satisfied being with these men in service to God. My evening was spent at Iskcon Toronto with Kirtan, chanting and it was so wonderful.

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