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Wednesday, May 1st 2024

The Annex, Toronto

I have begun a new Gita chat via zoom for Wednesday at 1 p.m. EST for primarily my friends in South Africa, but open to all. For Durban folks and well, just about anyone from the great continent of Africa. We're looking at their evening time, after work or school. 

Our contemplation for today was chapter one verse one, where the intro of the famous dialogue begins with the blind king, questioning his secretary, Sanjay, as to the goings on in the north. The battle of Kuruksetra is the setting, and the two armies, the Pandavas, and the Kauravas are lined up in opposition to each other and prepared to establish the fate of the world. 

In our long discussion of verse and Prabhupada purport, we dove deep into the subject of eliminating "unwanted plants" or dissipating the demon within. It was interesting to also touch on the validity of capital punishment from the Vedic perspective and how to bring on ultimate peace which begins from inside. 

I received feedback from the first of many to come chats, the start of combining through the entire loveliness of the talk between God and the soul. The challenge for all those who discuss the divine message of the Gita is "will be apply?" 

And yes, we all should give it a try. “Try or cry," is how I would address it. In the current world of "checking everything out "why not do a favour and do what's divine?

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