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Thurday, March 28th, 2024

North Beach, Durban

Sukadeva Patita Pavan and I walked to the pier and naturally at it's edge you see nothing but waves of water forming those iconic curls and ending in a splash. The beach itself is unclean, noted by Patita. The city workers are on strike. Sukadeva remarked about the city and the country's issues. "Greed," was the big word he used. It's certainly a problem everywhere globally.

We are out here at the North Beach to browse but more so to get in a technical rehearsal for "The Age of Kali." The questions are "Why and What to do?" In the drama's script we have the presentation of greed. I'll share a piece of Greed's words.

"Though a man has everything, under my influence he wants more. With discontent by my side, I sap the very vitality of human life. Where I reside, rest assured, happiness will never dare show it's face."

Now our character, played by Bryton in a soft anticipated gold suit (it's a dress rehearsal as well) he addresses the problem, How to unlock the mystery of such greedful entanglement comes through at the end of drama.

"It is sound that nullifies the negativity of this Age," says the voice of Dharma. The sounds of transcendance clear karma and all that other good stuff. Greed, Anger, Lust, Madness, Envy and Illusion all shift their paradigms when exposed to the good sound. The drama addresses a solution.

3 Km

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