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Saturday, April 27th 2024

Parliament Hill, Ottawa

With three companions, we were set on a walk to the Parliament Buildings and not that it is within our power to fix problems with national issues. We just don't have the wherewithal. What we do have is leg power, enough to breeze along the Rideau Canal, then trek along the legislative buildings (gorgeous they are), cross over a bridge to Quebec, then peace, walk along the Ottawa river, back over to Ontario and unite with the canal. 

At the canal’s edge, we spotted a massive stuffed panda bear face-down. We rescued it and propped it up to dry, for any takers. At the show centre two officers were standing on guard for a protester who had issues. He was speaking at the top of his lungs. He spotted us (especially me with robes) and momentarily halted to say, “Where is God?"


He seemed to conquer in a mode of confusion. None of us could conclude his purpose even the two officers, who asked me, “What is he doing? What did he say?"

“Where is God? "It was one of those shrug your shoulders moments. 

We proceeded on. Heard cardinals singing, watched a groundhog hogging and geese playing. 

We grew tired and felt we deserved a nap, so plop on the grass we did and snoozed for a good half hour before returning to Iskcon Ottawa where preparations were underway for an initiation for Bhakta Aulex. Congrats to you and your Sanskrit name “Ajit”, a name of God meaning "invincible".

9 km

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