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Monday March 18th, 2024

Noida, India

Our drama crew lined up and loaded up for the bus trip to Vrndavan. It's their first time to hit that holy spot where Krishna enacted so many pastimes in child and youthhood. We feel bad about parting now that our 11 day performance terminates here. However, for the coming weekend we will be reuniting at Durban for more of the same ecstasies in drama.

I will be returning tonight for Canada and have a short 3 day pranayama, breathing time. Coincidentally for our walk this morning at Shivalik Park, I was chanting my gayatri mantra when a pundit came over. He introduced himself. He was smartly dressed but he was drawn to us and indeed with his Ayur Vedical medical and astrological background he conveyed some advice to each and everyone of our walking party. This included a daily take at respiration. I expressed to him that I would love to live and serve humanity to 108 years of age. He looked at my palm. "You will go beyond that number."

He also applied pressure points to our hands and arms. Apparently I've got a fairly clean bill of health to the exception of some lower neck issue. I made him aware of my lack of sleep at night. He save sound advice on applying pressure at the temples of my head.

Thank you punditji! He followed us back to the Noida Centre, following all the standard protocol before the deities of Radha Govinda. It's great meeting good human beings.

5 Km

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Swami R
Swami R

Hare Krishna Maharaj! Dandvat Pranams. Welcome back to Canada! Haribol

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