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Thursday, May 9th 2024

Franklin/ New Jersey

Virat Rupa was my walking companion in Guyana, but this morning we took to a wilderness trail in New Jersey, an old farmer’s field bordered by a gorgeous creek with rock walls at its edge. You might think that New Jersey is a congested state being close to New York. Apparently both states, New York and New Jersey encompass lots of green space. Our hour – plus – long trail carried no pedestrian apart from the two of us at least during our glory. The diversity of vegetation is impressive. It compels me to believe that the Creator is creative.

My Gita chat for today was, as is usual for Thursday from 5 - 6 pm. to add to the regular people who plug-in, some local Gita enthusiasts came in person to Virat’s home. it is not every day that a Sanyasi monk comes to town. The topic on Chapter 17 “Divisions” explore the various forms of austerity, mainly in three categories for today 17, 18, 19. I never tire of reading and discussing about these 3 modes, or energies which is an integral aspect of creation. They become very obviously present when you go for the inside look as expressed by Krishna. The original guru or teacher of 3 modes or motives is Krishna Himself. he goes for clarity and removes the blur in this chapter. 

That is the special service He renders to humanity. His mandated message is “Go inward as much as you go outward." Study these parallels. that is the real education. When the exterior world (the body) fails us then we have only the spirit to depend on.

5 km

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