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Friday, May 10th 2024

Huntsville, Ontario

Up north, I go to Muskoka and more particularly to Huntsville, population 10,000. Nityananda and Arpan are my companions. We arrived at 7 am and in this quaint and touristic town you see the well known Muskoka or Adirondack chair just everywhere. Moreover the downtown you can spot dozens of murals of the famous Group of Seven artists (my favourites). On Main Street something special is happening. A new Krishna Culture Centre is opening, which includes a restaurant, temple and living facilities.

“This is such a unique model," I discussed with the main co–ordinator of the project, Lajput Prasher. Huntsville is a small place. The major metropolis, Toronto, is two hours away, but I'm sure the locals, the several yoga practitioners will be around and summer city slickers will be regulars, although some will be seasonal. 

The centre will also attract young families as there is a Sunday school in operation. It is no doubt an educational destination from that point of view.

The chanting sessions were ecstatic once they were set in motion prior to all the feasting. Locals had come to know of this new addition to town. many of them find it new and exciting. Some walked in out of curiosity and others we just met on the street when I tried to get a little trekking in.

Some who attended saw an initiation for the first time. Two couples received their brahminical initiation. The president of this Iskcon Muskoka project, Vyasacharya and wife Pragya, Partha and wife, Tilak, are the four happy, now pujaris. 

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Dandabats Maharaja! It was in the Summer of 1982 that I joined you at the Toronto Temple, leaving behind my summer vacation at our family cottage in Muskoka, on Lake Joseph. I never thought I would see the day that a temple would manifest in Muskoka. Jai Nitai. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

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