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Updated: May 14

Saturday, May 11th 2024

Sudbury, Ontario

We had scheduled a morning trek through Algonquin Park. It was an idea conjured up by our Bhakti Academy group from Toronto. But it was irresistible for some to stay up late last night. It was a great opportunity to see the aurora borealis, the northern lights, so plans changed. While still in Huntsville before the trip to Sudbury, further north, I ventured on along the main street, called Main, and simultaneously chanted softly, the maha mantra. Next I participated in the first mangal arati, a service of love and devotion, in this new temple and conducted a first Bhagvatam class in the same place. 

My driver with companion from Sudbury arrived, Damodhar and Harsh. It's always scenic in the north. I am a sucker for the rock, lakes, active beaver lodges. Finally, we arrived in the city where Krishna Consciousness began for me 52 years ago. A second walking installment happened for the day along Regent Street. 

“Hey Buddha!” shouted a motorist. It was a condominium building that became the destination for a sat sang gathering for more chanting with this nickel mining city Krishna congregation. The ground level facility was the place of Bhakti for two hours. Seventy people came. Oh, they were good listeners! We dwelt on 9.34 and 18.65 from the Gita. They are almost identical in spirit and words.

They emphasize love for the Lord. It is a reminder that is necessary.

8 km

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