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Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

Mayapura, West Bengal, India

I acted as a bit of a guide for the newbie devotees that I travelled with. In the brisk walk of the morning, I pointed out, “This is where the elephants stay. They are well looked after… Over here, you have a field of dhaniya, cilantro. Smells great! Sed that jackal? It’s on a hunt… And here is the goshal where the bulls and cows stay.”

This was the place where we took some time admiring, petting, and singing to the cows. From here, we moved on to the grihasta area where residents from different countries in the world call home. Here you will find the international school run by our very own Canadian school master who just recently took over. Racitambhara has turned the place around. She is loved and has won the confidence of the parents. She asked me to give a class to her students, so I chose chapter 10.20 from the Gita about the opulences of the Absolute. I feel honoured to get the students to laugh their way through the philosophy of Krishna.

The breakfast following was so amazing. Being that it is ekadasi, a fast from grains, mashed potatoes with cumin was on the menu along with a buckwheat kichari. The best cooks in town.

Our drama crew has begun rehearsals on Witness Gopal. It’s nice to have a team of professional/devotionals.

This is the life for me – assembling dramas and teaching youngsters.

5 km

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