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Tuesday, April 23rd 2024

Cabbagetown, Toronto

One of our Vaishnava followers came to visit from Saskatoon. His name is Kinkar and he was born and raised in Bangladesh. In his new adapted home in the province of Saskatchewan, land of the living skies, he is what you would call a Sunday school teacher, delivering the great message of the Bhagavad Gita to youngsters. 

He came to spend time for an extra Bhakti boost and part of that boost, we decided, would be a walk in the part-green and flower-tree areas of Cabbagetown and Rosedale. Coming from a small city, we thought it would be a thrill to walk a stretch and see a larger urban place on a cloudy day. 

Durgam, our pujari, or priest, was prepared along with Kinkar and I for an 8 km plus hike. We ventured along Rosedale Valley Road, a narrow roadway at the base of a ravine where spring green is just popping out of the street. Snow is behind us now. Partially this reveals some spotty winter trash plus homeless dynamic. The base of overhead bridges have been repainted to conceal gravity.

Our legs were moving, and so were our lips, an exchange of words on how to expand the Gita‘s message to youngsters. We also gave ourselves time for japa, mantra meditation. The ravine completed, we ascended to residential Cabbagetown, which is a truly cool neighbourhood spread of individual charming Victorian homes. St. James Cemetary spans out along Parliament Street, part of our route. Overall, this dedicated 2 hour walk became a rejuvenating afternoon chunk of the day, much-needed, especially for our Pujari, earnestly in need of the well-earned exercise. 

8 km

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It was a great opportunity for me to spend 2.5 days with Maharaj. So much to learn from him, see the things with spiritual eyes. I was looking for a spiritual master who has a little bit of “time” for me. Haribol🙏

Me gusta
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