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Tuesday, March 12th, 2024

Mayapura, West Bengal

Night air in West Bengal can be really pleasant at this time of year. I was beckoned to meet it at the veranda, 4th floor of the Gada Building. With the fan on in our room heat is generated from the constant propellors moving. I woke up twice from the dryness and took a quick shower for relief. From the water shower to the breeziness I was able to be relaxed and catch a few more winks after watching young adult dogs, three of them playing frisky down below. Then time to really wake up.

I lead my last Kirtan in the Samadhi. It was slow and easy to make out the mantras. When sped up with so many instruments, as is usual, the acoustics just can't handle it. I mention "lust" because our troupe is poised to move on in less than 2 days, destined for Delhi and Noida. Tonight would be our last performance in Mayapura.

I was interviewed once again at Mayapura TV but this time by our very own "Mahapurna" the musical couple from Bolton near Toronto, for a documentary on the anatomy of a bhakti play. They are taking the project very seriously.

The couple Mahapurna doing the interview.

At noon Radhikatma whom I walked with in Israel had me over for lunch. It was outstanding. His wife is a tremendous cook.

So then the time came for our last drama in Mayapura. The place was packed. It was hard to turn people away and impossible to close the doors. In my opinion it was the last and also the best, thanks to the hard work of the actors, singers and the techies. Hard work or hard service pays off.

After the last performance in Mayapura.

6 km

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