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Updated: May 7

Sunday, May 5th 2024

New Vrindaban/ Cleveland

I woke up at 2 am needing to visit the washroom. My cell phone’s message revealed that H.H. Gopal Krishna Goswami (friend and spiritual guide) had passed away. I couldn't go back to sleep. I pulled out my pen, hilroy notebook and began writing. 

He signed his name

He signed his name to that temple guest book

Which triggered events leading to a hook

For that signature meant a follow-up call

In ’68 the invite came from the Montreal Hall

He was energetic, young and thoughtful

And began to shun habits considered awful

Time for a change under the Master’s mercy

Patterns of goodness now set, like rising early

Once regulations began they just never stopped

For the virtuous, good actions cannot be dropped

There was gravity in his words and performance

All that spelled ‘devotion’ was of utmost importance

The travels, the classes, the mantra, the raising

This selflessness can be described as simply amazing 

The temples, the murtis, the people, the books

He appeared to get into all corners and nooks

From India, the States, Africa, Canada, Russia too

The Empire of Vaishnava culture grew and grew

By the touch of his hand after pursuing dreams

Enthusiasm flowed like rivers and streams

With tireless work and commitment so grand

Much was achieved after multiple plans

It is hard to duplicate and hard to clone

The efforts of one who admits nothing’s done alone

His target is straight and crystal clear

That divine form of Krishna, so dear

The saint inspires many on that special roam

Taking them with him to the Ultimate Home

Let us consider that another book is signed 

By persons who are of the spiritual kind

They make an entrance but not as a guest

But settle on a permanent peace and rest

4 km

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