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Friday, May 3rd 2024

Toronto/ New York/ Pennsylvania West Virginia

It was going to be a long ride and I felt I had to invest in some walking, so I told the driver, Gaurav, something I had done before “I’ll start walking. Pick me up along the way.” 

Morning traffic is crazy in Toronto like most car culture places. On sidewalks you have space. Gaurav spotted me while walking was in progress. I hopped on and on our way we went – all six of us in his Tesla and onto the states. 

At the border in Niagara Falls, we had to bail out and meet with customs. No real problem, just a slight complication. There was an issue with the queueing up and the officer there was a bit stern with some of the folks waiting. Such is how immigration officers are trained. 

The drive to West Virginia is always a treat. It's scenic along Lake Erie, and then the Appalachian mountains. Vegetation is exploding out of the ground. It’s spring. At one point, Gaurav played Bob Denver's iconic song that almost everyone knows, “Country roads take me home, to the place… West Virginia." When the Tesla needs charging those of us who are passengers find shade. It's hot for May, but that soon changed. Clouds set in blue like Krishna. Dandelions remind us of the Lord’s Dhoti, lower garment. At one point when we missed our exit, we dependent on him to get us back on track. 

After some hours, we reached our destination – new Vrindavana, a piece of paradise, where naturalness dominates. This is a reminder of Krishna's playground in His abode. Everyone should have a place to resort for peace.

3 km

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Hare Krsna Dandvat Maharaj,Please accept my humble obeisances 🙏🙏

Gefällt mir

Will there be a MANtra at New Vrindavan this year?

Gefällt mir
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