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Saturday, May 4th 2024

Moundsville, West Virginia

At around 7:30 AM, we were informed that one of our senior – most members, a real leader and lover of the Hare Krishna movement, His Holiness Gopal Krishna Goswami, was in critical condition and had been rushed to hospital facilities in Dehradun, India. He struggled for the next hours until he departed at 11:50 PM corresponding to 9:20 AM India time. In the temple at new Vrindavan, many youths that had arrived from cities of North America for a Bhakti Academy reunion offered prayers in dedication as I announced the situation. 

Back in 1968 when our guru Maharaja, Sri Prabhupada, was in Montreal for visa immigration purposes, Gopal Krishna as a young Indian thoughtful person visited Prabhupada. He first came to the temple at the time, and because he left his name with phone number in the guest book registry. He came a second time honouring the personal call he received. From that period life had terminated for him. He became a solid follower received 1st, 2nd initiation from ISKCON founder and later accepted sannyasa, the renounced order of life. 

In a message from the Governing Body Commissioners, it reads, "Maharaj is a pillar in the International Society for Krishna consciousness and has served tirelessly in practically every leadership capacity to support and expand the mission of his spiritual master. We certainly owe him our respect and gratitude for his extremely dedicated services.

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HDG Gopal Krishna Swami was a kind friend and well wisher to me despite my inability to remain fixed up in service. A truely surrendered Vaishnava. It is my great fortune to have rendered service to such a dedicated soul. I pray that he remembers my service and forgives my offenses.

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