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Monday, January 9th, 2023

243 Avenue Road, Toronto

I have enjoyed being somewhat grounded for the last few weeks, except for a brief stretch on a set of wheels to Montreal and Ottawa. I haven’t soared up by some wings thousands of feet into the air, although that is soon to change with a scheduled flight for Alberta tomorrow. When someone says, “I’ve got itchy feet,” or “I’m getting antsy,” it applies to me, because it’s time to move on.


During my time back at home base, I’ve had the privilege to deliver numerous classes on the Bhagavatam, exploring the topic of time, saints and sadhus, avatars, and also the mention of Saint Nicholas, Jesus and Santa. In all the talks, the message has been to surrender to that great Personality of Godhead, Krishna. During the course of the day, there has been lots of stuff on the phone with Zoom Gita classes, which I am really relishing. Also there have been serious sessions, of a more administrative nature, which are also stimulating, because we care to see that the institutional ship is sailing smoothly. We are careful not to let our “Titanic” sink.


The world is big, and we are small, but up for exploring the greatness of it all, and the mastermind behind it. As a monk, it is an obligation to be constantly on the stroll. That is good for my soul. I am committed to reminding the souls I meet of the spiritual component of life. I proceed with gratitude.

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