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Wednesday, January 31st, 2024

Toronto, Brampton

Just as soon as I started to get settled at home base it was time to pack, readying myself for the next destination - a flight to Orlando to attend a Bhaktivedanta Medical Conference. How much fun is that? It is somewhat laughable that I was chosen (ad hoc) before the pandemic as a sanyasi advisor to the group of medical practitioners organizing the event. Covid put a freeze to this annual gathering but the time lapse didn't put me out of the picture.

Prasannatma (Dr. Tadi) didn't forget about me for those four years of absence. I personally don't feel qualified to offer medical advise other than preventative through walking. He contacted me saying, "Bring your book for a launch and tell the group about the benefits of walking". Alright then, I am convinced. After all, this group of medical professionals are some of the nicest folks around. So I am poised to come.

An early presence at the Toronto's temples program, a delivery of the Bhagavatam class on the after effects of Sati rite, and then a day full of activities, including some purchasing for the temple at Homesense, filled up a day of variety. Yes, variety is the spice of life. That is the beauty of Krishna Consciousness. You just channel diverse services to Him and your life is complete. 

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