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Saturday, April 15th, 2023

Petit Raffray, Mauritius

Mauritius is a place quite friendly to the cause of Jagannath, the Lord of the Universe. Fifty percent of its 1.25 million people identify themselves as Hindu. And so, when someone organizes a Chariot Fest for the Lord, you will get a lively participation. That’s what happened in this one of three or four such festivals a year in this country. A young cow who was put on a wagon and smartly decorated was also part of the procession conducted on the narrow streets of Petit Raffray.

When I arrived, the procession was already in session. Enthusiastic drummers were ponding away when the microphone was handed to me. I just arrived and the expectations for me to serve His wishes were laid out plain and simple. Now, not only are the streets a mere two lanes, but low-hanging trees and city wires needed addressing. It appears that the organizers were ready for that, and so the show did go on.

Like many of these public kirtan sessions, I end up pouting inside in as much as I am in joy. Musicians need to be synchronized, practiced, and positioned in place. That doesn’t happen in most of these chariot fests. Discipline brings freedom, and freedom brings happiness. How can there be happiness without peace?

My talk at the pandal permitted me to speak about my walking ventures, and Mauritius was one country I trekked, so I could relay some adventure which could possibly whet the appetite of those not yet indoctrinated into the walking culture. I must admit I love leaving a message of love for action and love good thought.

4 km

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