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Sunday, March 24th, 2024

Durban, South Africa

The trip from Canada to South Africa takes longer than to go to India. I'm not complaining. It is what it is. In looking at the bright side there's no stopover in Johannesburg. We flew directly to King Shaka Airport in Durban. I was joyful about that. My seat was at the back of the plane, the last one to get off but probably one of the first passengers to exit. There was the crew from Durban Chatsworth to be more exact - our Bhakti Theatre party, which I had been separated from since India a few days ago.

Yes, I'm happy. I was greeted by the jovial youth at the temple and with long awaited prasadam - pea soup, baked potatoes and couscous. Let's keep that food simple. Thank you cook, Sukumari. If there is one chore that difficult for a monk or sanyassi, at least in our tradition, it's hard to keep the food away. It's true, everyone is there to please. People love the mon in saffron. But we can get pampered through the rich meals and sometimes nice accommodation. All this nice treatment could spoil us.

I'm grateful to be back in the spiritual world. The temple and grounds in Durban are so nice. It was designed like this to please Krishna. That in the thrust of the bhakti yoga. Ultimately my life is geared towards this alone - trying to please Krishna. My travels, my services, the workshops, my meditations, my daily walks (when I'm not flying) - all is for His pleasure.

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