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Saturday, March 30th, 2024

North Beach, Durban

Though it is Easter weekend, a time of sacredness for Christian brethren, in Durban this time slot is also holy for Krishna followers. The festival of Jaganath, a name for Lord meaning Lord of the Universe, the local point for Durbanites of Krishna (and the whole country of bhaktas) has become the opportunity to praise the Supreme. There are a number of heroes I met today that took the lead in such praises over this blessed weekend.

Marathon Walker, Jade Green, singing at the beach

Craid Lucas, a winner for the major talent show in South Africa, released his golden voice on the stay. Very powerful. I met him at the Durban temple and also backstage. What a nice soul!

Craig Lucas the the fest

Also singing on stage, was Jade Green. Not only is he a vocalist, guitarist, mrdunga drummer but he championed walking. Last year he sought my advise on marathon walking. To this day he completed a six month walk along South Africa's coast line. He did it for God just he does for his singing.

Pilgrimage is close to my heart and soul was compelled to dedicate our drama, "The Age of Kali" which by the way, was performed by our cast and crew almost flawlessly. At least in my book, they did it all for Krishna, and therefore they are conquering the effects of the epoch of Kali, represented by malice and the items that are rotten about the contemporary world. There is hope in sound that resonates with the soul.

4 Km

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