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Tuesday, April 30th 2024

Seaton Village, Toronto

I glanced at some footage of a tornado ripping through the landscape in Nebraska. What gripped me at seeing the freaks of nature is the more precise location. The mid-west city in the US where it took place is Lincoln, the states capital, which happens to be the central point of the country and the spot from where I reconvened my U.S. walk in 2017 in the spring. 

In a way it came close to home or my heart. It was in Lincoln that me and my compadres, my brahmachari monks, held home programs there and told the media that I was doing this walk with intent "to make America great again”.

At that time I recall that the three of us were quite excited about seeing one of those whirl-wind beasts. We were romanticized about tornados perhaps from images in “The Wizard of Oz,” Kansas and all that. We never witnessed anything like that. In Canada we only get snow storms. But locals were saying, “you definitely don’t want to be near one.” 

I do recall a rain storm that year and getting absolutely drenched and once the rain subsided I regained hope in walking under clouds withholding their bounty. A police officer saw me, pulled over, come out of his car and asked if I was alright. I responded to that generosity and walked towards him with outstretched right hand. His reflexes were fast and held arms out as if to reach for his side guns. “Don’t get any closer!” 

I forgot I was in the wild, wild west and that life was slightly different out here in the Plains. 

Truly we had fun all the way to San Fran by Krishna’s mercy. We met red-neck dynamic, jackrabbits, snakes and frogs that piss in your hands when you try to get friendly with them. I do have empathy for those who experienced tornados tearing into town. 

5 km

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