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Friday, March 22nd, 2024

Entertainment District, Toronto

I battled a storm in the snow with 8 other companions in an hour long elemental ordeal. Our destination was at an apartment in the entertainment district of Toronto's downtown. I don't imagine that show businaess this evening (live theatre and such) was doing well. The snow blasts of the day slows down everything.

However, our walking groups were not deterred in any way. I was with a high energy team members of the Bhakti Academy. Most are in their 20's. Snowball slinging along the way was not something they were reserved about. Fortunately, I didn't have to dodge those pure, white puffs of freshness. I was clear of any firing squad.

The walk was more like a floating sensation with powdery to wet snow. And it was Friday night. Pedestrians who braved the weather were in a jolly good mood. If anything with the light spirit, we felt we were in flight.

At the ROM, the Royal Ontario Museum, I pointed out to the group, "Saying ROM is auspicious." We walked through Queen's Park which has a host of trees, leafless due to winter, but stalwart. Through this blizzard we are going through, the words of the great Chaitanya was so profoundly illustrated where we learn tolerance. His famous words, "Be tolerant like a tree (which takes such a beating)." He also said, "Be humble like a blade of grass."

These are instructive words that came from Chaitanya, whose birthday we will celebrate on Sunday.

In conclusion, our walk wasn't just a frivolous outing. Really, it was a wholesome experience all the way up to the apartment at Richmond Avenue.

5 Km

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