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Tuesday, July 25th, 2023

Calgary, Alberta

As is the case when I come to Calgary, the Greenway becomes my trail at the city's east end, and my walking companions are usually Gaurachandra and Vanipriya, a couple of Italian and Orissan descent respectively. They were eater today to see any wildlife while on our japa meditation walk. Their main aim was to have a a sighting of coyotes and their babies, but that just need not transpire today.

The wetlands along the Greenway draw coots, and where it is more more dry, gophers, magpies, deer, and anything prairie-like. Skunks are a feature, and crows, too. People? Yes, of a diverse background. Punjabi folks, Chinese, African, Caribbean, and more.

Naturally, we greet each and every person passing by, and whether we are the first to acknowledge, or they are, the act of a warm greet offers stability and safety.

Those kind gestures carried on throughout the day, at least at night. The last few days have been exceedingly hot. People stay indoors. The sun is unforgiving, so by nightfall, everyone comes out of the woodwork.

This evening, a fabulous sangha was held at the home of our hosts, Radha Madhava and Svasti. They always throw a good party. The schedule is well thought out. At 6:30 pm, people arrive. They are encouraged to eat the meal prepared first, followed by some kirtan, and then finally some discussion from the Gita. The quality of chanting was wonderful. Nice gestures kept coming. It was sweet. A card from one family read, "You're one in a melon!"

4 km

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