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Friday, April 26th 2024

Gatineau Hills, Quebec

Sunny is a homegrown Ottawa born, quite in tune with the out-of-doors through hiking, snowboarding, and many more recreational outlets. He was our personal guide for taking us through the south entrance of the trails through Gatineau. With us were a host of bhakti yoga aspirants, all quite young and eager for feeling blissfully small amidst the oak, maple, beach and pine trees. One tree (which species no one knows) was pecked to death by the Downy Woodpecker.

The walk was a robust one in a chunk of the rugged Shield. At a significant lookout the group of us took advantage of downtime by chanting the maha-mantra so softly as to merge into the woods, to the easy thump of the medunga drum. 

Thank you chanters! Thank you walkers! thank you, Krishna! 

The track of 7 km was deserving after a morning sadhna and some administrative work. Evening was reserved for Kirtan within an added feature- interpretive dance. We just had everyone going wonderfully wild. Students came and community members also. I met Gregory Reed, whose father was the realtor behind the purchase of our gorgeous temple, then a church (1975) from the Christian Alliance. Small world, indeed. 

When I tally the day’s affairs, I would say all is complete. I connected with nature, mantra, Prabhupada’s books through reading, dancing, and feeding. All clean stuff! I am blessed by the best. 

Sorry to hear of the passing away of senior God - sister, Silavgati, a true pioneer of the Hare Krishna movement.

8 km

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