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Saturday, March 11th, 2023

Brampton, Toronto

Ruslan is my steady walking partner these days. He is from Ukraine. His English is practically nil, so when we go for our daily trek, we communicate through his phone by translation. It's fun. We mostly chant on our beads and resign ourselves to not talking much, but to sound meditation.


While descending along the iron switch back at Ramsden Park, just in front of us was a senior woman who carried with her a state-of-the-art camera. I noticed the yellow-toned snow, and pondered how it got that way, so I started a conversation with her. She had an Eastern European accent. I asked her about the snow, “Do you suppose this could this be the traditional yellow snow, as in what dogs do?” I thought the topic was an interesting icebreaker. Actually, all three of us, including Ruslan, looked at the yellow tinted colour and deducted that the snow's contact with the iron caused the unique tone.

“Some oxidation, I suppose,” she said. “Well, now your colour looks great against the snow.” She decided to have me pose and then snapped her camera. She seemed happy about the product and told us she's been to the temple before. Great!

It was time to complete the walk and prepare for a ride to Brampton and to the home of Hitesh, the temple mridanga drum instructor. Hitesh tried his hand at asparagus soup. Not bad! And wraps. Healthy.

A short kirtan started the visit. Thank you, Hitesh!

4 km
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