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Monday, May 13th 2024

243 Avenue Rd./ Toronto

There is at least one day of the week where our ashramites sit and listen to a recording of our Founder Acharya, Srila Prabhupada. Today was such a day and the chosen verse to speak from the Bhagavatam 1.8.35 recorded October 15 in 1974 in Mayapura. It was entitled, "Rascal Surrender." It is a big command and it is needed.

We are all rascals.

In the recording we hear of how surrender to science, or speculation have their limitations. There exists an obstinacy to submit to nature and the universe as greed overtakes us. Yes, we are rascals.

I was quite thrilled to receive an Amazon package containing my first draft of the poetry book I was anxious to receive. I opened the book and my finger guiding hand led to the page, "Rascal In Me" which is the title of the poem. It addresses recent history.

An excerpt: An invisible virus not here to please

Has locked us all in a very deep freeze

The source of which is our very own fault

Mistreatment of animals is the cause of the halt

Think of chicks crammed in one place

Think of cows all tight in one space

Think of the bats that are in your soup

Think of the pigs all killed in a group

Think of the flesh of an ape as your lunch

Think of the dog on a plate as your brunch

Blame it on God? Please take a pause

In our evening zoom Gita chat our group explored Chapter 3's emphasis on sacrifice of our food. The abominations that people eat. It is certainly rascaldom and rascals have a hard time to surrender.

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