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Monday, October 16th, 2023

The Annex, Toronto

What a world we live in!

We all went through a fight with a virus for three years. A war between Ukraine and Russia followed, involving many countries (it still goes on). In the first world (developed nations), we witness an increasing number of homeless people in the thousands upon thousands. The quality of food is poor. People have become weak and surrendered to the vulgar. Ignorance prevails over morality.

Now we see ongoing killing between Israel and Palestine – the start of a new war, perhaps? Tensions are high. People are taking sides. It's ugly!

There is prayer going on. Vandanam!

The sane plea for peace. Shanti!

They ask for reason to rule. Buddhi!

What will anger do? And hate, too?

We are losing our grip on dharma, our purpose. Did we, as humans, ever gain a hold on respect and justice? Our history tells of drops and drops of blood and drops and drops of tears, of uncontrolled passions, greed, anger, hatred, and jealousy. At least we can say that for five millennia it has been so, that the age of Kali knows darkness.

These ills of the world are a result of external perspectives. Are people encouraged to look within? Where is introspection? Lessons in karma are overdue.

May wisdom be shared.

May wholesome sound be projected.

May people eat calming, nutritious food.

Above all, love one another! Right now!

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