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Updated: Mar 1

Tuesday, February 27th, 2024

Mayapura, West Bengal

Like at the oceanside you have pleasant and not so pleasant waves hitting that shoreline. What comes to mind is that fabulous beach that annually the Trinidadian devotees and I converge at! It’s a lovely spot! 

But what I want to drive at is the day in the life when great things come at you and then also more challenging, at least, grave issues come knocking at your door. 

Today’s walk was a real pleasant one. A group of was visited the Mayapura School for boys across the way from the elephant sanctuary. We were greeted by these young orthodox boys, all smiles, telling us of life in their day school. This place is like magical and full of rustic charm. A good future is what I see in these young practitioners of Bhakti who are being trained up for brahminical life. It’s great to start young.

Rustic beauty at the boys school.

The wave that came to hit a little hard was the passing of Radharani, who ended her battle with cancer back home in Canada. She was such a fine lady, wife, mother, devotee. News came to just a few hours before. In these matters there is always a sobering up, life is illusionary, feigning promising tomorrow. Well that can be true only if we meet our earthly stay in a proper perspective. 

As humans we are opportunely embracing dirty or dharma and then we can promote to perm, love for the lord. 

I am confident this is the scenario for Radharani. Blessings to her, her husband Hatish and two daughters. 

Now, a fine wave came. Gaurangapran arrived from Pune and with a shipment of books, “The Saffron Path” which details my account of walking pilgrimage. It’s India’s first print of the books. It looks good.

5 km

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