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Thursday, May 25th, 2023

Hamilton, Ontario

It was under a young oak tree that I sat with cell phone propped up on the picnic table in Victoria Park in Hamilton. It's just great to have these Zoom calls while enjoying the out of doors while going inward. Today's Gita Chat brought us to talks about yet another tree – the banyan tree. This tree of an allegorical nature is illusionary and represents our physical world in a topsy turvy manner. It is a tree with branches twisting and turning, very in tangling like life itself. From this tree, as we examine it, we are meant to mature and grow, but we will eventually leave this tree and achieve liberation.

That is what this game is all about. We are here in this world to learn and then to love. Those of us on the call found these first verses from chapter 15 to be very relevant as we reviewed history from the perspective of Krishna’s words.

Once I left my oak tree, I was accompanied by Karuna Sindhu and Gabriel to Monika’s yoga studio in the hip Hess Village. It was a surprise to see a practically all-male attendance. And it was Doug, a little more elderly than most of the gang, who came with his yoga mat ready for stretches. He rather enjoyed the fun approach to yoga with song and dance. It was new for him.

I really appreciate the food that came as a component of the evening’s lighten up event. The world needs more of this kind of life, especially those entangled in this chaotic existence.



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