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Saturday, September 16th, 2023

North York/Vaughan

In the heart of North York is a very active and vibrant library, and on the second floor in a very studious high-ceilinged room was staged His Holiness Bhakti Vijnana Swami from the former Soviet Union. And sharing that stage is Rami Bleckt, astrologer and Vedic teacher. Their topics spoken in Russian (I was lucky to receive a device for the translation) were on fear, anxiety, and how to overcome.

Both speakers spoke well, covered the issues, and concluded with the ultimate answer – love through sound. It was rather spontaneous, but I was invited to the stage to lead kirtan, so without musical accompaniment (just a small set of cymbals) all attendees became immersed in the name of Krishna. Most of the folks present were somewhat familiar with chanting, and there were some newcomers, which is great. There is always room for seekers. I was personally glad that I brought with me copies of "The Saffron Path." They were flying out of my hands.

I had quality time with Bhakti Vijnana Swami and Rami over lunch – healthy – and it was topped off with the best kombucha on the planet. The three of us followed the same schedule which culminated in a visit to the home of godbrother Subha Vilas in the city of Vaughan down Radha Road.

This was a huge event celebrating Krishna's birth, once again. To join us was Keshava Swami from the UK who came to Canada only once when he was young. He remembers Niagara Falls. Both swamis delivered good messages. All was good!

3 km

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