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Monday, March 13th, 2023

Nathan Philips Square, Toronto

Whenever it's a stroll in the city and I notice a new embarrassing box come up (which is called a building), I get disappointed. I see these structures as challenges to nature's landscape. They block the sun, the moon, trees. Many, or most contemporary edifices are simply an eyesore. Tombstones look better.

Just south of our ashram on Avenue Road, A new residential structure will be coming up. It will be ugly. It will be square. Developers make big profit on square units. Every square inch counts, right!

Sorry to sound cynical; I'm just craving buildings that should be art pieces. Speaking of which, when glass and concrete arise to obstruct the horizon, there is one minor consolation – When a gorgeous sculpture is erected attempting to be the face of a building, it offers some relief.

I was on route by foot to New City Hall, also known as Nathan Philips Square, where some of our more youthful devotees determined themselves for skating on the ice rink. It's a popular spot. Unfortunately, I arrived a bit late period they had come and gone, but I got my walking in, nevertheless.

Just South of that space destined for squareness, was a rather attractive sculpture piece of a human. It’s no avatar, but it features do break some of the monotony. If artistic spiritualists could play a role in beautifying an urban space, I think those who live in modern developments would be happier people. I believe most of us are not conscious of the effects, positive or negative, that buildings we live in have on us. Let's pray for a Dwarka.

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