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Saturday, December 23 2023


On two walking marathons, I passed through London, Ontario (population about 450,000), but today it was a marathon on wheels that carried Radhika, Rasika, Chirag and I to this agricultural hub. The people who run the Chinmaya Mission let us use their facility for a bhakti program of mantra, jnanam and food. Families, all with origins from India, and international students got involved. In fact, when it came to a circle dance not one stone was left unturned. Every man, woman and child became quite animated. That’s just the nature of a Hare Krishna fest.


From that destination, we zoomed off to la belle province, Quebec, and to the city, Montreal, an eight hour drive, on top of the run to London from Toronto. So we packed in a good ten, that’s IX hours on the road and all through a constant rain. So much for a ‘White Christmas’. Green and brown were the obvious colours.


With a three-car caravan divided by an hour here or there, we finally reached the French-speaking country-side of Canada, bordered by the American states of New York, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. The Solanki family hosted us with pizza prasadam and a sweet hospitality, before we tucked ourselves into bed.


What is the event here? Well a cast of thirteen people are all geared-up for tomorrow’s play, “Witness Gopal” set for on the stage of one of ISKCON’s earliest communities, Montreal. 


The travel was long. I felt like I’d been on a flight to Delhi. 

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