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Thursday, February 29th, 2024

Mayapura, West Bengal

Most pilgrims just rush. They are trying to make it on time for the 4:30am arati service at the main temple. Some just want to get in early for "a better front seat." I attend the service at the Pushpa Samadhi which is at 4.10. I also rush.

On the trail to either locations there are always some dogs fast asleep and it gives great meaning, when remembering the phrase, "Let sleeping dogs lie." If that was not the case they are just an annoyance since they are stray dogs.

Occasionally a jackel crosses the path and just might try to pick up a dog's puppy. It happens.

My Japa walking party is faithful. By 6am the dogs are still asleep but meanwhile every bird possible makes its song from those trees of while thousands of bees huddle together in certain patches. It was the first time to spot bunny rabbits.

We had a fine time at the school SMIS whose head master is fellow Canadian Racitambara. The kids love her. The school has grown to great numbers. Most important for me was to say something meaningful to the students. Chapter 7.13 from the Gita was the talking point. My goodness the kichari at their meal time was phenomenal.

What was truly special about today was festivities to honour our guru's guru, Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati. A massive program was held at the pandal tent full of celebration and expression of gratitude on the 150th Anniversary of his appearance in this world.

On the previous day, I delivered a poem posting it on this blog.

Tourist bus in Mayapura.

6 km

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