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Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Wednesday, June 7th, 2023

Fredericton, New Brunswick

I am certain that the saffron apparel stood out against the grey and gloomy atmosphere for motorists on their way to work. It's not a usual part of the landscape of residential North River Street in Charlottetown this morning. I was on a spriteful walk to Shoba’s home at 7:00 AM, racing with time to take part in a mini sadhana of chanting, shastra (scripture) Reading and a breakfast. Do try hummus on toast with fiddlehead sauteed in olive oil to top like we did.

Ambarish And I drove then to the mainland by way of the 13-kilometre Confederation Bridge to finally meet wade at an Irving gas station. There, I transferred to Wade's vehicle. When researching Sackville, we took a break at Waterford Park, which is partly a boardwalk trail encompassing healthy Birch trees and marshes that attract birds of beauty.

We met one lost soul (everyone else was rather sober). A young lad, nick Snowden, had his bottle of tequila and sat with us for a bit at a break spot. Such persons always make extraordinary claims.

Beautiful park. Questionable soul.

The chapel at Mount Allison University drew our attention, and there we met Reverend Ellie Hummel, the chaplain. This was a case for brahmins meeting. Naturally, we spoke about the nature of our confused world and the spiritual care that it deserves.

The Student Union Building Has this prized mural by one of my all-time favorite artists, Alex Colville. Check out his artwork “Horse and Train.” Every piece he's done tells a story. Once reaching Fredericton, we stopped at Kadamba’s house where residents come to hear of the love and compassion of Krishna.

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