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Tuesday, June 27th, 2023

Mississauga, Ontario

Last Sunday our Bhakti Academy group had a reading from the Krishna Book about Govardhan Hill and the torrential rains sent forth by the angry god of thunder, Indra. Since that time, it has been raining every day, and today was no exception. Torrential? No! But wet? Yes.

A window of opportunity for a walk arose when the same group felt a dry spell this afternoon, but then drizzle and double/triple time came, just as they, and I, entered Ramsden Park. The only shelter from Indra’s liquid was the parks public washroom which had a 5 foot overhanging ledge to its roof for us to keep drive. So, we walked around, or rather, circumambulated the facility. I think we looked downright odd going goom goom, all six of us.

But now for another play practice in preparation for the Chariot Fest soon to come. This drama is about a deviant fish. Oops! Here we go again conjuring up another watery scenario.

By the way, we do have talent.

From drama practice I dove into our Tuesday Gita Chat, delving into chapter 5 about karma yoga. These discussions where we cover one, two, or sometimes 3 verses, are so mindful of life in quality.

About today, I wanted to say, my visit to the dentist, Dr. Mistry, was eye opening as much as it was mouth opening, in regards to teeth care. His place in Mississauga is very caring and personal. Mind you, when it came to the teeth cleaning, water did explode out a few times, but that's OK. It was the day for water.

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