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Monday, February 26th, 2024

Mayapura, West Bengal

I was turning a corner after more than a stroll when I met our Oriental Vaishnava. He asked, "You are the one who walks. I am hoping to walk my country." It sounded like he was leading up to asking for tips.

"What is your country?"

"Japan," he said.

"I'll be happy to share with you all I can about power walking. And how about doing japa at the same time". I was indicating that japa is most appropriate for Japan (japa, meaning mantra meditation).

I was also thrilled to be a Frenchmen who mans a stall at the "Gauranaga Market". He described how he walked France in the 60's barefoot as a hippy.


Apart from the walking and meeting these amazing people and going to-and-fro to our drama practice (also amazing). I had the longest sit down at the Mayapura TV studio for questions on how I got to the monk stags and about my walking and thespian activities. A second interview entailed a documentary and the guts of our play, "The Age of Kali."

Drama warm up.

All in all it was another one of those active and lovely days which included meandering around at viewing Gaudiya temple of sweet architecture. I'm also thrilled about being out there more with the people and less engaged in admin responsibilities. I know someone must take up such weight. I've been at it for half a century. It's time to shifting gears.

Sweet architecture.

7 km

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