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Saturday, August 5th, 2023

Regina, Saskatchewan

The hawk was in flight and had something clutched to its claws, and while the bird was beelining itself above me, I saw a second bird, a blackbird, making irregular dashes at the hawk. More than once it lunged towards the larger bird. Within seconds, the smaller bird gave in and took its own course, most likely frustrated by its intruder who likely stole something from the tinier bird.

This outdoor trekking that I do in the morning offers dramas such as this that you won't find when pacing on a treadmill. On top of that, I capture the air, or it does me, the same with the sun or wind, and an opportunity to greet humans who are doing the same as me.

Witnessing the struggle of the bird reminds me of the pain people endure. In Regina at today's version of their Chariot Fest, when we were gathered at 1279 Retallack Street, Elder Archie representing the First Nations, reminded us of the difficulty his people encountered by foreign aggressors from the past. On his brief speech, he also expressed appreciation for the ISKCON communities in this march in the North Central neighbourhood where many Indigenous folks reside.

We marched together to the beat of both drums, chanted mantras, and cheering each other along the way. Our pace was slow with purpose and thoughtfulness. It was a unique fest for our travelling crew. After the feast, Elder Archie sang and drummed with his companions in praise of the Creator – the theme that predominates this event wherever we go.

Our Regina fest was smaller than usual, but fun and meaningful, nevertheless. Our day became hectic with the rush to zoom off to the Chariot Fest held in Winnipeg – a drive of 6 or 7 hours. While Gaurav stops his Tesla to recharge, I get the chance for more walking. I had the chance to walk in Whitewood and saw another hawk in flight. It flew solo.

7 km

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