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Thursday, February 23rd, 2023

Mayapura, West Bengal, India

Today is the last full day of our stay in this marvellous place called Mayapura, but I must admit, it is not perfect. I was very troubled to receive an email, along with leaders and colleagues, of a report concerning a boys’ school operation in the 1980s. Yes, we are talking about abuse in multiple ways by teachers on young, innocent children. Someone can say, “Well, it’s history and it’s behind us. Protective measures are now in place.” What wasn’t known, however, was the extent of damage done because of the fear factor as victims were constrained in speaking the truth. More details are known now because of the bravery coming through persons who lived this hell.

My concern is that leaders act fast to prevent further catastrophes from occurring. Secondly, how can we rectify those who’ve been damaged? It is puzzling to think that such atrocities can take place in such a spiritual environment. I looked at some gorgeous plants today at the Samadhi, viewing them as happy creatures. They gave me hope for the future for progressive pro-activism.

Today I gave the Bhagavatam class – 2.5.15. I found it a little difficult to capture one single theme from it. After the class was over, I felt I could have kicked myself. On further reflection, I felt I could have picked up on the theme of father and son, and the tenderness and protection that I could have built up considering the chapter is a rather juicy dialogue between Brahma and his son Narada. Although their dialogue comes across as a trite esoteric, it would have been nice to expand upon a child and parent’s powerful connection.

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