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Updated: Feb 19

Sunday, February 11th, 2024

Miami, Florida

I stayed over in Deep Creek with Subha Vilas and his great wife of Florida. A walk on

leg-and-heart power was exhilarating and the many bird species by the lake were plenty doing their business as a glorious sun rose. I completed my stay after the most fabulous brunch with a bunch of bhakti visitors when Gico arrived to drive me to Miami.

As I was about to arrive I had another one of those dizzy spells. I called my Miami

doctor friend Murari. His response, "You're blood sugar level is low."

Took care of that.

It was great seeing the old gang of devotees which includes a Maharaja. I hadn't seen Bhakti Prabhupada Vrata Damodara Swami for about 5 years. "Your name is

too long, Swamiji" I said. He agreed.

The same holds true for the other attendees at a modest house program, meaning it was pre-covid when I last saw them, chanted with them, ate and talked with them. There really was a lot of joy in the reunion. I had  been involved in the Miami temple for 10 years at the start of the millennium, built up relations yet I had to bow out from responsibilities there as the operations were too convoluted to handle. 

Anyways I was able to sit in comfort with my peers and some students/ disciples and get the moments of good vibes from a walk after a fresh rain, all by the mercy of God/ Krishna. 

4 km

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