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Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024

Central Flacq, Mauritius

Kala from Box Acouncil, Mauritius arranges my programs when I’m here. It includes temple programs, home programs and usually cultural events in the country’s largest hall near Phoenix. This last one is put on hold since covid. But the one thing he puts on the agenda which is practically a necessity is recreation.

Each year he arranges for a group of us to go to Belle Mare for a walk in solitude at pre-dawn. We cover a 5Km distance which we accomplished this morning under cloudy skies. That walk was terrific. Then we hit the water and chant our morning bhajan (songs) right there in the water, followed by a sportive water volley ball. This last recreation I’m very passionate about. What are the benefits in the ocean with a ball?

Well, it clears the nostrils. It allows me to stretch. It strengthens the arms, hands and fingers. I’m breathing good air. It’s great for the heart. It softens my toe calluses. It burns calories. Above all, I’m with friends and we are bonding in our team building. 

And after that, we engaged in a picnic breakfast with wild bats buzzing about in the trees above us. No problem there. A person by the name of Danapati is the caterer and it is this bright-faced man, although poor at volleying, who just produces the best blessed food - prasadam. 

For the evening sangha he invited what seemed like the country to his expansive home. As guest-of-honour I lead the chant and indulged in discussion about being real with our Bhakti, our devotion, that is working from the heart and less “rules” oriented. Let’s pay attention to the details.

5 Km

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