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Tuesday, February 6th, 2024


Just before I delivered the Bhagavatam class at the rural temple in Alachua, Makhya, the temple president announced that Jagadatri, passed away this morning. She is a godsister, a disciple of Prabhupada, from Hawaii. Recently, Iskcon veteran said, "This is the decade of tears, when many of the best students of Prabhupada would pass away."

Yes, indeed the pioneers of bhakti yoga will move on as we anticipate a younger generation to bear the torch. 

After the class regarding the talks between two holy ones, Vidura and Maitreya, I made a visit to the temple's expanded kitchen. I was surprised to meet Janaka, whom I gave second diksha to on Sunday leading the charge. He runs the show and spends hours hard at work and love dans la cuisine. I am really proud of him. 

At 6pm I dropped in again to Gainesville Krishna House, happy to find our own Candian Kunti, leading the chant session and hosting the event on my "Tales from Trails." She is doing great. 

My chauffeur for the day has been Chaitanya Charan aka Charles and he has just been a super support beginning with joining me for japa walking in the dark and early morning on the sandy back roads. 

All in all my day was full of sangha, receiving the company of good souls - disciple students peers and looking forward to next day's group of young students from the school next door, for hearing the Bhagavatam class.

6 km

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