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Monday, May 29th, 2023

Calgary, Alberta

Gaurachandra took me along what's called the ‘Greenway’, a trail on the east side of Calgary. Actually, I would more clearly describe the path as a grass way. There are few trees, and therefore, the vast area is conducive for Prairie dogs to dig holes and channels underground. But it was the young family of coyotes that Gaurachandra really wanted me to see. Well, they really could not be located, so we just carried on with our legs being mobile our lips on the mantra, and as much as possible, Krishna on our mind.

It had been last summer since my last visit to Alberta. Any endeavour outside of re bonding with those I know might be a sin. I'm here for a short while. A component to that bonding for the evening was something the congregants wanted – a kirtan in the park at Princess Bridge in downtown Calgary. It was an awesome spot on the grass. No prairie dogs here. It was a bit hard to calculate the number of chanters, but it was a good turn out for a Monday night, which happened to be the election night, a time for voting.

After taking the lead on the chanting, I asked Gaurachandra to take over as he is an expert with voice and harmonium. Besides, I just wanted to offer some help to those on the concrete making attempts at dance. Boy, that wasn't so easy. I know that some of the companions are IT operators in our group. Their fingers do dwell on computer keyboards, but getting such computer savvy people to take to simple dance steps was a challenge, indeed.

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