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Updated: Jan 9

Friday, January 6th, 2023

Toronto, Ontario


When we actually care

We are prone to share 

With those in times of need

In any physical/emotional bleed

With a gentle pinch of courage

Caring becomes a universal language

Understood by plants, vegetables

Bugs, birds, and all animals

True humans are quite aware

Of the sensitivity called care

By way of touch, a smile

Kind words, listening – all worth while

But we cannot monopolize

Rather own up and apologize

For past abuses done

With a violent cleaver or gun

To compensate, begin this day

With some warm-hearted display

Begin with one selfless act

Make a bond and seal a pact

The highest honour is to be tender

To those who once gave you splendour

Returning such a favour is care

It is no less valuable than is air

Whom do we owe our debt to?

God, nature, parent, teacher – all are due

The list is long with no real end

And how about caring just as a friend?

– Bhaktimarga Swami

4 km

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