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Wednesday, April 10th, 2024

Dubai/ Toronto

To my right is a young Iranian fellow and to my left is a young Indian chap on flight Emirates 241 and we all agree that the 14 hour flying is a long one. Sometimes it’s to one’s advantage to be in the middle of the seating. You make friends with two instead of one. My friend from Iran is going through a divorce. He had all kinds of questions regarding anger, forgiveness and feelings. The Indian bloke is a student at Lambton College. 

To each of them I recommended to visit me when possible.” The food is great.”

I had arrived at residence, the Toronto temple and made plans that were fulfilled to meet water (as in a shower) and earth (get some walking). I chose Bloor St. The western evening sun lazors it’s way through the east/west street’s lay out. Uday is my companion. As we pass by people in conversation we pick up chunks of their parlance - just pieces of it. 

Chanting the Gayatri mantra on Bloor St.

“Well, I have a theory ….”, “Guess what I just got a Tesla!.. “Actually, I’ve been suffering a bit….” 

Three young women, arm in arm, did a gig singing, “Tra la la”. A man walking behind us was cursing. I didn’t know it was directed to Uday and I. Using reverse psychology, I turned out with a smile and said, “How are you?” And as I said that another coming from the opposite way, stopped and said, “May God bless you.” 

And finally a woman being transported in a wheelchair looked at my duds and remarked, “Great colour. It goes with your skin.” She didn’t know that I just came from Mauritius and gained a tan.  

Memories of Mauritius, a night walk.

Thoughts of our guru, Prabhupada.
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