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Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Sunday, April 9th, 2023

Umhlanga Rocks, Durban

For a break and for a breath of fresh air, and where it’s relatively safe, our thespian team headed for Umhlanga by the beach. Along the sand and under the sun, we ambled until reaching swamp and jungle. The trail was most accommodating. We need not go through mean forest. We did spot a green snake, deadly, or harmless? We weren’t sure, but we kept a distance. We were close to one hadeda bird; it’s rare to see one alone.

At one period of our venture, we all sat on the sand at a time when a lifeguard announced that all swimmers must get out of the water as a dangerous high tide was coming in. We indulged in a Q&A session on issues about life. Time terminated beach fun, and we headed for Phoenix and the Jagannatha temple. There, I hosted part two of a “Nine Devotions Workshop.” There were at least one hundred people who all participated in the interactive nature of the program.

For me, the highlight of the Nine Devotions was hearing the feedback, such as, “Thank you for doing this. It enhances personalism.”

Autumn is setting in with high winds and a heft dumping of rain at night. According to Wesley, our driver, “When it rains at this time of year for two or three days it marks the beginning of winter, and it remains dry for so long while the temperatures drop.”

“To what level do temperatures drop?”

“The 20s Celsius. Maybe 10 at night.”

“You poor things,” I said sarcastically.

6 km
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