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Sunday, February 18th, 2024

Brampton/ London

Today is my departure day for India but before that I have a visit to make to Iskcon Brampton and there I gave diksha to a real nice Punjabi man by the name of Rsi. At this types of rites of passage, initiation, one awards a new Sanskrit name. Since Rsi is a kind hearted person I gave him the name "Rantidev" after a pious Vedic King. I am often called upon to give names. It is a norm at initiation time, but often I am asked to name newborn babies and just two days ago a couple from Halifax, who had just acquired two beautiful brase deities of Chaitanya and Nityananda, asked to name them.

I thought about it and decided to make it relevant why not call them, "Sri Sri Maritimes Gaura Nitai" since the couple live off the Atlantic coast.

Anytime a new nomenclature is added to the atmosphere the community gets excited. The community in Brampton was no exception. At the announcement the drums rolled and congregants shouted, "Jaya" and "Haribol". Those two response indicate victory and blessings.

I had an opportunity to take a quick stroll in the out-of-doors. I felt more like a bird in flight with the strong wind dominating the skies. And speaking about flying, once I passed through security at the airport and my prescribed gate, this cute little white bird was scurrying about picking up any scraps available. There is something for everyone in this world.


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2 comentários

Jogendra Kalra
Jogendra Kalra
21 de fev.

Bon voyage

Vasudeva kutumbkam


Swami R
Swami R
21 de fev.

Hare Krishna Maharaj

Dandavat Pranams

Nicely Sequenced and Articulated..

I am also one of the blessed soul to attend your diksha ceremony. Haribol!!!

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