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Sunday, November 26th, 2023

Holiday Inn, Mississauga

Ambarish from Halifax and Damodar Gopal from British Columbia joined me for a pre-dawn walk in a rather drab-looking but clean industrial park area near the Inn. Yet, we did get our walking in by the Inn.

And that was followed up by our last session of our leaders meeting on the theme, “Let’s Go! Let’s Grow! Let’s Glow!”

My question is how can you not do all those g’s in the presence of such talent like the group we have been huddling with. Yes, we more or less crammed in the conference room and with intelligence collective. Lots of younger men and women were part of the mix. And then Mark, an expert fundraiser, a Jewish brother you would say, enlightened us in the area of securing funds in ways we wouldn’t have imagined. All in all, this year’s AGM, is just the best ever.


The weather is mild and there is rain upon us – not snow. I returned back to my home base at the temple ashram by way of uber. Rafe Markoss was the driver. He is a sculptor by trade. That puts him in the arts category. Born in Iraq, he’s gone through the two wars and says Canada has been good to him. He also follows a monk online. He couldn’t remember his name but says he wears the same colour of clothes as myself. His wife does yoga. He is very receptive and open to a visit to our temple and dining room. Also, Rafe is a realtor.

But now, I’ve reached my destination and I have to jump out of the vehicle. Motorists are behind us. One is honking. “Hare Krishna Rafe. Here’s my book. It might encourage you to walk more.” So I thought walking may not pay the bills but can add years to your life.

3 km

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