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Wednesday, March 20th, 2024

Yorkville, Toronto

There is this nice policeman who comes to participate in the early morning temple program at 4.30am. Now it's just my first time seeing him but I'm told he's a regular attendee. I've been out of town.

There he is in full police regalia just come off of his shift from work. He is ever so pleasant and stands up, like on duty, throughout the mangal territory.

I joked with him. "You make us feel safe in your company." He smiled.

I'm happy for him not only because he renders a valuable service that goes by the motto, "to serve and protect" but merely by his coming daily for mantra exposure he's also taking care of his soul. In time I'll get to know more through presence.

First morning in Canada.

Presence is power - on my levels. We learn, through presence. We get fuelled, through presence. We feel stability and security, through presence. In fact, where "presence" is lacking there is loneliness, weakness and vulnerability. Let us always keep in mind we humans are social animals. We thrive in togetherness also when dealing with our spiritual potential. We often refer to this dynamic as association or in Sanskrit as sadhu sanga, get together with the focus of Krishna as our central point.

One pic of our recent AGE OF KALI production in Mayapura.
5 Km

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