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Monday, April 29th 2024

Rosedale Ravine, Toronto

One of the most beautiful gifts I have ever received is this gorgeous 3D crystal model of our guru, Prabhupada, now positioned on an narrow wooden stool, and they're likely to stay for a long time. It is that perfect night light and does more than just dissipate evening darkness. I feel his spirit in its presence. After all the room I call home is the very room where he slept for a half of week in 1976. It was his bedroom, hence it is so sacred. I am indeed fortunate to be in that space. And as i write this message of a memorial mode, it is in this very room where I take shelter. It is a space that offers more than protection from a gust of rain that comes this very moment bashing against the roof. 

And then now it halts and arrests itself. The downpour suddenly stops a minute later. This crystal lights like a permanent spark like a bright soul. 

Before any nap, I gaze at the image of guru and night have that sweet dream triggered by the sublime view. And it was this morning that I awoke from a needed nap seeing him there, and I became enthused and readied myself for a Bhagavatam zoom class with a group from Africa. That discussion with the listeners and contributors was nourishing for all of us.

After an evening walk and another talk via zoom with east coast Gita enthusiasts I returned to the Prabhupada crystal to stare and become more aware of the light of my life.

5 km

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